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Parent Survey 2015-2016

Hey Parents,

You’re not done quite yet.  We have some homework for you too!  Please click on the link below to complete a survey about your experience having a child on a Freshmen Team.  We are always looking for ways to improve the Freshmen Team experience, and to do that, we need your opinion.

Thank you for a great year and for your feedback!  We have loved working with your incredible children!

Team Parent Survey Link


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Freshman Parent Night

Hey Parents/Guardians of Fujians,

Team Fuji teachers; the 9th grade school counselor, Mrs. Kamanga; and Vice Prinicipal, Mrs. Hutchinson; hope to see you and your 9th grader tomorrow from 5-7.  You will visit the Pavilion for P.E. and for the awards ceremony, and then you will visit the Team Fuji teachers’ rooms.  We can’t wait to show you what your kids have been working on!

If for some reason your student did not bring home the RSVP form, click here to go to Mrs. Gray’s website where you will be able to access the document.


Mrs. Gray, Ms. Skoglund, Mr. Sonmez, and Mr. Midgley

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Fuji Blog — Edition 4

Homework Club!  Free drop-in tutoring and homework help in the No Name Cafe, Room J8, after school EVERY DAY until 4:30 p.m.   You can even sign up for a tutor who specializes in a specific content area.

Click on the following link to see the Boys & Girls Club Tutoring Schedule.  FREE TUTORING!

There will be a team Fuji awards ceremony on January the 28th starting at 11:55.  All parents are invited.  Ask your student for the RSVP paper.


We started out the new semester with taking a look back on the 1st semester final and reviewing chapter 4 by working on a portfolio. We are about to finish our current unit on sequences. The students have been working hard  to learn about arithmetic, geometric, explicit, and recursive sequences. We are also getting close to starting our first and only statistics unit of the year.  For many students, this will be the first time they get to work on statistics problems.

We received a class set of brand new graphing calculators, which we will be using during the statistics unit.



In English, students are currently reading one of the most classic American novels of all time:  To Kill a Mockingbird.  We will also be starting our research paper soon, and as you may recall, this is a requirement to pass this semester.  We will be spending around six weeks researching and writing for this assignment. As always, ABU is back in action!  Ask your kid what they are reading for ABU.  The first round of ABU will be due February 7th.



In Honors, we are currently finishing up our unit on Speak — check out their junk trees which they also wrote poems on!  Next, we will be entering the world of knights and chivalry via The Once and Future King.  Your kid will be learning about one of the most famous tales of all time:  King Arthur and his Round Table.  This will be the most difficult read of the year, so make sure that your student has managed their time well to complete this task.  As always, ABU is back in action!  Ask your kid what they are reading for ABU.  The first round of ABU will be due February 7th.


Ag Earth Science:

Students have started entering their records for their SAE projects on the AET online FFA record book system. We are finishing up exploring Agriculture and the Environment, and are moving on to Weathering, Soil and Mass Movements.  Congratulations to the students who had the top 5 Semester 1 Finals Study Guide Poster, Annette Lee, Fatima Maqueda, Kayla Beals, Ezekiel Hermosillo, Fatima Gutierrez!



Vine Pruning Team

The Sonoma FFA Vine Pruning Team is off to a great start this season!  Seven agriculture students have been practicing since November to compete at the contests in January and February, and the hard work is paying off!  Sonoma FFA took 2nd place high team at the St Helena Ag Boosters Vine pruning contest, beating out 14 other FFA teams from all over the state of California.  The team could not have been as successful without hard work and dedication, and most of all the mentorship from Pat Stornetta and Ross Cannard.  The Vine Pruning team is very appreciative for the help and advice!

The January FFA meeting will be held on Wednesday January 27th at 5:00 p.m. in room E-7.  Students will do a small community service project after the meeting and enjoy s’mores!  Also on the 27th, there is a mandatory livestock meeting at 6:00 p.m. in room E-7 for students and parents of students who would like to raise and show a lamb, goat, or pig at the Sonoma County Fair.

2016 VP Award

A big congratulations goes out to Jennifer Torres for receiving “Best VP” at the Opening and Closing Ceremony — especially as a Freshman!!!

Winter Sports:

All teams are in mid to late season and competing in SCL League play. Go Dragons!

Spring Sports:

Please be sure to get all paper-work turned in and ready before tryouts; Sport Packets are available in the Student Activities Office. All packets must be complete and turned in before students are allowed to try-out. If your son or daughter is playing a winter sport, please have them transfer their sport packets over to the new sport of their choice.   

Softball, Baseball, Track and Field, Boys Tennis and Boy’s Golf, along with Swimming (both boy’s and girl’s) begin Monday February 8th. Baseball, and Softball teams and other Spring sports when team size becomes a safety issue involve team cuts at times. Any student participating in winter sports will be given an opportunity to try out for any and all teams once the winter sport season ends. Some of the winter sports teams overlap slightly. Believe me:  our coaches want to field the most competitive teams possible and all students will have an opportunity to try out. Try-outs are an audition for something great:  an opportunity to show your skills, attitude, and hustle. Be prepared! Don’t show up rusty or in poor shape.



Sports Tip:

Don’t wait until February 7th to get ready for spring sports; start getting ready now:  start running, start training, get outside between rain showers, and get after it. Don’t try out — STAND OUT!

Physical Education 1 Class:

We began the New Year with a Fitness Unit. The volume has been turned up way past 10 (so says LL Cool J), and the kids are doing great: great effort, great attitude, and great participation. We are running outside when possible and inside when needed. We are also teaching strength training through body weight exercises and your son/daughter is learning beginning weight training. We are doing this to lead into the California State Physical Fitness Testing. When testing season comes, we want your son or daughter to be as successful as possible; I want them prepared.

Thank you.

Bob Midgley


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Rising Sophomore Night!

Families of current freshman:  please join us on the evening of Thursday, February 4th for a rising sophomore information night in the Pavilion. The evening will be filled with information about:
– scheduling process and timeline
– course options
– college and career readiness
– Engineering, Design and Technology Academy
– Academy of Sustainable Agriculture
The event begins at 6PM, there will be a special Academy presentation beginning in the Maker Lab at 5PM with academy staff, leadership and students!
Please join us!  We look forward to meeting you!

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Fuji Blog Edition 3 – 12/16/15

Team Fuji here!  We wanted to wish you all a warm Holiday filled with family, friends, and copious amounts of delicious treats!

We also would like to give a shout out to our amazing students of the week for 1st semester!!!  We are lucky to have all of you in our classes!

  1. Ezekiel Hermosillo
  2. Annie Neles
  3. James Greenslade
  4. Erik Zamora-Alvarado
  5. Ramses Laurel
  6. Madison Schiffman
  7. Kayla Beals
  8. Efrain Lopez-Perez
  9. Anna Cline
  10. David Bosshard
  11. Breana Knierim
  12. Jennifer Torres
  13. Moncerath Guido Avalos
  14. Fatima Gutierrez

Just in case you are still getting ready for your finals, here is a run down of your Fuji finals and deadlines for work.  If you miss(ed) and finals, make ups are done Thursday and Friday after school, which ends at 12:50.


Our final is a multiple choice exam on Greek Mythology and vocabulary from throughout the semester.  After the final is completed, students will be presenting their Hero’s Journey projects.  The last day to turn in late work (with the exception of ABU because it is due today) is Friday!  You can do it!!!

NOTE:  Christmas break is a great time to get started on ABU for next semester — 450 pages per semester!

Honors English:  

By this point, students should have procured for themselves a copy of Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson — either they bought a copy or checked one out from me.  Students may read this over break or choose to read it within the first two weeks of January.


Our final has multiple choice and open ended questions.  The last day to turn in any work for the entire semester is on Friday.


Our final is on chapters 1-4 and is multiple choice.  Extra credit for the top five study guide posters is still up for grabs.  The last day to turn in late work was Tuesday the 15th.


Our final is on volleyball skills as they are applied during game play.

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Fuji Blog Edition 2 – 11/17/15

Homework Club!  Free drop-in tutoring and homework help in the No Name Cafe, Room J8, after school EVERY DAY until 4:30 p.m.   You can even sign up for a tutor who specializes in a specific content area.

Click on the following link to see the Boys & Girls Club Tutoring Schedule.  FREE TUTORING!


We just finished chapter 3, and we are about to start chapter 4. The students are studying for the group quiz and individual test coming this next week, and we are also slowly starting to get ourselves ready for the final that is coming up in December.  Students can still retake individual tests, which I would highly recommend they do, and students can still hand in missing homework assignments.   

Also,students got their first go at making a math portfolio.  We reviewed their work, and they can now revise their portfolios for an even better product and a better grade.



Students are about to face the sorrowful end to Of Mice and Men.  Students will then write Essay #3 of the semester analyzing the book.  They will have a few options to write about.  Click here to see the options.  Once this is done, students will then enter the captivating world of Greek Mythology — a favorite for ninth graders!  One of the most fun components of this unit will include students acting out — costumes and all — four different hero’s journey’s.  The culminating project for this unit will be a hero’s journey poster/digital presentation.  

Honors English:

Over Christmas break, students will be reading Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson.  When they return they will have a test on it and will be completing a project on it, as well.  We are asking that students procure their own copy because they will be asked to annotate the book as they read.  If the student is unable to get a copy, they need to ask me for one.  Once the project is over, students may donate their copy to the school for extra credit.



Ag Earth Science is finishing up minerals and the rock cycle and starting earths energy resources. They discovered mineral properties while completing a minerals lab, and showed off their artistic and creativity by illustrating the rock cycle and playing the “Rock Cycle Game” Students are currently working on “one pagers” to show their understanding of the different types of energy resources.

Porkfolio Project

Fuji students are right in the middle of raising their pigs at the farm and have been working on their “porkfolio” project in freshman seminar. Students have been rotating between their Fuji Teachers and developing their sausage label, nutrition information, about us section, and cost analysis of raising and producing pork sausage.

On Thursday November 12th, students toured the culinary kitchen and watched sausage being made and got to taste the pork sausage from last year.


We are very thankful for the help of Wendy Swanson, SVHS work-based Learning Coordinator, who has assisted the Fuji Team Teachers in getting mentors for each group and two different guest speakers to help them with the business plans for the sausage they are producing.

Physical Education 1:

We are in our last unit of the year — time is flying by. Our last unit is volleyball. Finals for Physical Education will take place the last two weeks of the year. Team Fuji students will be assessed on form and technique of their daily stretches and calisthenics. This is a true assessment of the body and how it moves.  The movements they have had the opportunity to practice and perfect daily in class happen at the beginning of class every day — stretching.


During the Christmas break, please be sure to have your kids bring home their PE clothes and CLEAN them as the locker rooms will be cleaned over  break.

Winter Sports 2015-16

Winter Sports Seasons have begun, (Boys and Girls Basketball, and Wrestling). Both Basketball teams have had competitive tryouts for roster sports. Wrestling is still looking for a few lighter weight wrestlers to fill the roster. The wrestling (individual team sport) competition counts for team points, except for the catch because when you compete, you are alone — one-on-one, imposing your will on another athletically. This will teach you more about yourself and what type of competitor more so than any any other high school sports team we offer.  It is a great opportunity to learn if you want something you are going to have to work for, and at times in your life, you will need to do it alone. Great opportunities:  never waste an opportunity to compete in the classroom, on the mat, the courts, or fields.

Spring Sports:

Spring Sports will begin in early February and Sign Up meetings will be taking place right after the break. Baseball/Softball/Boy’s Tennis/Boy’s Golf/Swimming/ Track and Field. Listen for announcements in the bulletin or see Mr. Midgley in PE and get informed.


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Fuji Blog Edition 1 – 10/9/15

Homework Club! Free drop-in tutoring and homework help in the No Name Cafe, Room J8, after school every day until 4:30 p.m.

When was the last time you checked your PowerSchool?  Stay on top of your grades!

Math:  We have just finished our second unit on linear functions, and we are now taking a closer look at exponents in our third unit.

The first portfolio of the year is slowly coming up, but before we get to that we have to do the individual test for the second chapter.

With this math portfolio, we want to emphasize the importance of being able to explain mathematical concepts and not just solve problems related to that concept.

In general, the students should be realizing right about now that in this Math class, just solving a math problem isn’t going to be enough this year (and in the following years). It is very important that the students are also able to explain how they solved the problems and why their method of solving is the correct one. The students should also make connections to other parts of the Math curriculum. It is going to be a bit different for some students, but it will definitely improve their math skills.

English:  Currently in English, both CP and Honors, students are working on their Population Control Benchmark, which was inspired by reading The Giver.  They are reading and annotating multiple sources, which will then be used to write a benchmark essay.  The essay will be typed in class.  Following the benchmark, students will have the privilege of reading one of the greatest pieces of American Literature – Of Mice and Men.  This is typically a student favorite!

This is a JOKE connected to our population control benchmark.

Science:  Students are working on developing their SAE projects, exploring sustainability, and learning about rocks, minerals, and soil development.  Students should make sure to have their binders organized so they can earn valuable points during binder checks!  

Sonoma FFA:  Seventeen Freshman attended the Greenhand Conference on Thursday September 24th in Petaluma.  With over 200 students from schools around the Sonoma County area, students spent time setting goals and exploring what the FFA has to offer. Students had a blast with a delicious tri tip lunch, conference t-shirts, and of course making new friends! Thank you to Mrs. Neles and Mrs. Sherwood for driving students to this conference!


Sonoma Ag Boosters are currently selling pre order tri tip BBQ tickets to benefit Middletown FFA and the Valley Fire victims.  Tri tip a la carte for $30 are being pre sold through Friday October 16th. Any FFA member can sell you a ticket!  Pick ups will be Thursday October 22nd at 5:30 and 6:30 in the north parking lot of SVHS. Students are currently forming teams for the Opening/Closing Public Speaking contest, held on November 18th.  This first contest is a great way for students to experience public speaking!

The next Sonoma FFA Chapter meeting will be held on November 18th and 6:00 p.m.  Don’t forget!  Students need 4 FFA activity points per semester, don’t wait until the last minute!

PE:  Physical Education 1’s second unit has begun and the sport we are focusing on is Basketball. To focus on skill development, we are playing modified games to enhance skill development (3-on-3 for example).  This unit is also topped off with an emphasis on Core strengthening.  

Apparently, Mr. Midgley is not a fan of Kobe Bryant.

Athletics: The following fall teams are doing a great job in the league:  Volleyball, Boy’s and Girl’s Soccer, and Tennis. Winter sports are coming up fast.  The start date is Monday November 9th for Wrestling and Boy’s and Girl’s Basketball. Please be sure to turn in your sport packets, or if your son or daughter is playing a Fall sport, to transfer his/her sport packet to Winter Sports at the student activity office. All Winter sport candidates will need to have sport packets completed as well as a physical within the calendar year to tryout or participate.      
Porkfolio:  Fuji students have begun working on a cross-curricular project where they are tasked with creating a business plan centered on the production of Pork Sausage.  Fuji Project Handout to see the project details and dates.

Breanna Gorman (a current Junior) and Andrew Boccaleoni co-own this piggy.

Breanna Gorman (a current Junior) and Andrew Boccaleoni co-own this piggy.

This is DJ Bosshard having his first encounter with this little piggy.

This is DJ Bosshard having his first encounter with this little piggy.